bienvenue europa.

Bonjour to the hustle & bustle of the street cafe's and all the fashion & creative stimulation of Paris for a few days before we  headed down south to the Haute Loire countryside, to a tiny little village (small enough to not have street names just yet) where my sister has lived for the past 10 years and where my parents live for about 6 months of every year. Everything is electric green and in full bloom after the long winter and gardening & planting veggies is to them what cycling is to us. It is an obsession & a constant ongoing project of learning & trying new methods of perfecting your passion and doing what you love.

I could get used to this laid back lifestyle - for a little while anyways.  It definitely gets you to reconnect with the rhythms of the land & the seasons, which in turn gets you to somehow reconnect with yourself. Life is basic & very uncomplicated here - as a visitor that is. A typical day starts by lazing with my morning coffee, keeping all the crankbrothers customers happy (hopefully), ride & explore on my bike, followed by some yoga and then the obligatory red wine, mom's yummy food  & then bedtime. Repeat. Simple. Happy.

Check out some of my hipstamatic shots in and around Paris & life in the village of Vernassal pics will follow in next post ( Yes, I got sucked into the whole hipstamatic thing too, but I love it!).

Peace out.