Roma, Lesotho. Photo Mick Kirkman

Roma, Lesotho. Photo Mick Kirkman

Velosolutions #pumpforpeace ambassador.

#pumpforpeace is a global association initiated by Velosolutions. It wants to give kids in underprivileged communities access to cycling and action sports through pump tracks. #pumpforpeace introduces them to a healthy, respectful and tolerant lifestyle and believes that this, ultimately, will change the world.

I’m pretty excited to be getting involved with this project alongside some bloody legends like Kirt Voreis, Nino Schurter, Gary Fisher, Travis & Lynz Pastrana & the one and only Danny MacAskill.

Velosolutions supporting the first African women’s cycling team - Team Izimbali, which means “flowers” or “to blossom“ in Zulu.

Previously in South Africa there has been little to no support for African women in cycling, and there has never been a team solely dedicated to the advancement of black female riders. Velosolutions and #pumpforpeace believes that it is important to address this gap in the sport by creating a platform where the potential of young African women can be unlocked. Not only is this beneficial for the empowerment of individual athletes and for the growth of cycling on the African continent, but it also has a knock-on effect in their local communities where they become role models for other girls to believe that they can achieve their dreams. Cycling is not seen as a “girls” sport in typical township communities, but these ladies are defying stereotypes and changing perceptions of what is possible with hard work, determination and the right team of support around you!

I’m pretty excited to be working with these young ladies from Durban to help them with all the different aspects there are to get race ready & feel good on their bikes.