We’ve put the SOUL back into our trips people.

Ever heard of a BUFFALO BICYCLE? It’s one BADASS mofo of a bike that weighs an absolute ton, 24kg of love, but man does it change lives. It doesn’t just change lives, it empowers people & you are helping to do this by just booking one of our trips.

You see, I started off with this idea as an optional extra to purchase when guests booked a trip, but you know what, nobody did, so moving forward into 2019, it’s included into the price of every trip. I’ve taken the decision making out of the equation, trust me, you’ll feel really good about what you’ve just done! I’ve added USD147 to each trip price, so instantly, you’re part of the solution & have just bought a freaking Buffalo bike. Pretty RAD. You’ll be able to see where this bike ends up when they do a bike drop later in the year & how you’ve made a significant difference in someone’s life.

These bikes are locally assembled & mainly distributed to women (70%), students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa; connecting them with education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. I was born & raised in South Africa, and have seen what a difference something like a simple bicycle can make in one person's life & how it personally shaped mine.

It's time to give back, one bicycle at a time, we can make a difference & be part of the change. We can be part of the solution. How freaking cool is that?

Peace out,