Adieu Cape Town, it was a pleasure. Next stop - Europe.

Aaaahhhh, the summer in Cape Town has come to an abrupt end with frequent rain bouts and beautiful fall colors replacing the parched vineyards. Dry, dusty earth has become hero dirt overnight and the crisp, cool air is just perfect for a mid day bike ride. This sounds lovely, and I enjoy the change of season, for a little while, but then I've had enough and I'm ready for summer weather and blue skies once again. Of course there is always a tinge of sadness when we get ready to pack up and move on again, the good byes, the familiarity, the beautiful trails and nature you've got used to again, but I think it must be mostly the memories that makes it sad to leave a place. Β All the fun summer memories and adventures that we experienced on our bikes, at the beach, in the mountains, with wild animals and the challenges that we yet again overcame - this time I completed my 4th Cape Epic with my good friend Tracy Moseley & became the DH National champ. Sven on the other hand had to overcome a massive spider bite he got in Botswana, that put him out of action for weeks.

Anyhow, there is no point in reminiscing in the past, it is time to leave, to say good bye for now and to move on to the next set of adventures, trails, scenery, sunsets, friends and family. It is time to move into our trusty or not- so- trusty Β Renault van again for the next few months of traveling between events and squeezing in some fun in-betweeners as we plod along the Autobahn.

Sometimes this nomadic way of life can get a bit much, but then again, would I rather be sitting in some office cubicle? I don't think so. I wouldn't want to change my lifestyle for anything right now. Well, I would like to have a veggie garden, but I can wait a little longer for some homegrown tomatoes.

Peace out.