bikes are a girls best friend

I have finally been able to ride my new bike this week, and it has been AMAZING!!!!!! She is a beautiful brand new Santa Cruz Blur TRc, and she is an absolute beaut and oh so sexy with her matte black body and green accents colors....mmmmm, who ever said that diamonds were a girls best friend. I don't think so.

We got her built up in Annecy - thanks to our good friend Terry Chanethomvong - the GT mechanic for sick Mick Hannah, and he also owns a company called Unik Suspensions. It is hard to find a bike shop out here in the countryside that is capable of doing a good custom build, and we all know that building up a custom bike is never easy and never straight forward, so thanks to Terry and all his patience with the non- mechanically minded Martin family we got her built up and running like a dream.

This baby is packed up in the van and ready to hit the road tomorrow, as we head out to the Trans Provence, a 7 day stage race from Gap in Provence to the beaches of Monte Carlo. But wait, it gets only get timed on all the downhills!!!!! We are still climbing A LOT every day, but we can take our time, and then we have between 5/6 timed downhill sections each day, and the fastest guy wins. This is soooo exciting, and I cannot wait to get this event started on Sunday 25th September. I'm even more excited to be racing my new bike and to show her what kind of life she is in for.

Here is a quick rundown of our 7 day adventure in a nutshell:Β 7 days, 26 timed stages, 320 km, 9500 metres vertical ascent, 15200 metres vertical descent... and most importantly: more sweet singletrack than you can shake a stick at!

I cannot think of a better way to end off the crazy season, and what better way to celebrate than to go on a 7 day adventure, with your bike & your babe (Sven) in a tent starting in the mountains of Provence and finishing up with a jump into the ocean, o yes, and sharing that with all your mates - priceless.

Thank you to everyone that made this possible. You all know who you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

Peace out

Anka x.

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A huge shout out to SRAM for getting this bike rolling :)

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