Wheels 4 Life charity clothing order.

I have just wrapped up a few weeks of sewing, creating, printing & deconstructing some hooded sweatshirts and T-shirts for the amazing Wheels 4 Life charity that was started by Hans Rey and his lovely wife Carmen. It was such a fantastic opportunity to finally be able to work with their charity and I had an absolute ball of a time completing this order. I hope the people who get these pieces will LOVE them and take special care of them. It was not the easiest of order to complete, as I was e-mailed the order by Carmen the day I left America for the next 3 months to go to Europe. Quite the logistical nightmare to get everything over to Europe so I could fulfill the order from our van traveling across Europe from race to race. I was a rather funny sight for people at the world cup races as I sat sewing away in our van at various camp sites. I guess this would be considered life after racing.

A little summary of the well traveled clothing order.

1. Inside labels printed in moms flat in Paris (in-between shopping bouts)

2. Two big boxes of screen printed W4L labels flown in from San Diego and collected atthe US Open by Sven (thanks babes)

3. All screen printed logo's & slogan's were cut out on the floor of the Atherton Racings offices in Schrewsbury UK ( on route to Scotland when our trusty van broke down)

4. Actual sewing started in Scotland at the Santa Cruz Syndicate's team house (after they all left - thanks Kathy & Doug!)

5. Sewing continued all across Scotland (riding all the famous 7 stanes trails in-between of course)

6. Continued into a very rainy Austria - it never stopped raining and I was sewing in a closed up van with my head lamp.

7. After a week of this rain business we headed back to France to finish up this amazing order in the luxury of my parents house.

8. Off to France Express - Au Revoir W4L clothing order! Safe travels to the UK.

Thank you Carmen & Hans for giving me the opportunity to create fun stuff for a great charity!

Check them out at www.wheels4life.org and make a difference.